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Fall 2023 Workshops

by Erin Gratz on 2023-09-18T11:53:48-07:00 | 0 Comments

Library Workshops during Fall 2023 Semester

The OCC Library offers a variety of library workshops each semester to information literacy and basic library research skills.  These workshops are all 60-minutes and are offered in-person and online (via Zoom). Check with your instructor to see if they will give extra credit for attending a workshop. If you need any assistance or have questions, chat with a librarian using the icon on the lower right hand side of the screen. 

Upcoming Workshops



Signing Up for Workshops

For online workshops, please sign up through this form at least 1 hour before the workshop.  The day of the workshop, you will receive a reminder email including a link to the Zoom session.  If you would like to receive extra credit, please include your instructor's name in the form. We will notify your instructor that you attended the workshop.

For in-person workshops, simply come to the Library at the appointed time, no reservation or sign-up is necessary. If you would like a workshop reminder, sign up online.   

Descriptions of Workshops

Research for College Papers

This is a general overview of library research. These 60 minute extra-credit workshops will teach library and information research skills using print and electronic resources. They will also introduce the library's services and resources. Student will learn to identify and access the various library and information resources; to identify scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals; to search discipline-specific and advanced electronic resources; to do research on the web; to evaluate search results for credible resources; to cite their sources in either MLA or APA styles; and to understand how the proper use and citation of library and information resources helps avoid plagiarism.

Dork the Library

Use obscure knowledge and simple rules (a tactic known as "dorking") to develop "magic" keyword searches for your research! This workshop focuses on gamifying initial research strategies -- we will be prototyping a research game using real examples. Bring a topic you are curious about and we will practice dorking the library. Three sessions will happen throughout the semester, you are invited to come to them repeatedly.

Evaluating Information

This 60 minute workshop will teach you how to critically evaluate information that you find online and in the library. Learn tips and tricks for determining whether a source is credible, including reading laterally to verify information, Google search syntax, and more. Navigate the Internet more confidently. You can use these skills for both your coursework and your everyday life! This is a specialized workshop. If you want extra credit for this workshop, please make sure your instructor will accept this workshop. 

Understanding Scholarly Sources

This 60 minute workshop will teach skills to identify and use scholarly sources.  Students will learn to identify scholarly books, how to access them, and how to use the index and other tools to access the information needed.  Additionally, students will learn how to identify scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals; to identify the parts of the article; basics of how to read scholarly articles; why scholarly articles are credible and the basics of peer review.  This is a specialized workshop. If you want extra credit for this workshop, please make sure your instructor will accept this workshop. 

Citing Your Sources in MLA

This 60 minute workshop will teach skills to formatting and citing in the MLA citation style.  Students will learn why citing is important; the basics of formatting a paper in MLA; basics of in text citations; basics of creating a reference list; and skills for paraphrasing and avoiding plagiarism. This is a specialized workshop. If you want extra credit for this workshop, please make sure your instructor will accept this workshop. 

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