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The Research Process: A Guide for OCC Students: 5d. APA Citation Examples

This guide will walk you through the research process for a standard research paper.

APA Libguide

For more on APA, see our full APA guide

About the Examples

This page provides examples of works cited entries in APA Citation Style for a variety of common sources. These examples should not be considered exhaustive. 

If you are unsure how to cite a particular source, talk to your instructor or a reference librarian, or consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association

APA Citation Tips

  • Use initials only for an author or editor's first and middle names.
  • Use ampersands between multiple authors’ names.
  • List the publication city and state (or city and country) unless the publication city is listed in the name of the publisher itself. 
  • The publication date immediately follows the author’s name in parentheses.
  • Only the first word of the title and subtitle are capitalized (along with any proper names).
  • Missing information can be omitted from the citation except dates, which should be recorded as n.d.
  • In text citations referring to a print source include a page number.

References - Books and Anthologies

Book by one author (Brophy, 1995, p. 54)

Brophy, R. J. (1995). Robinson Jeffers: Dimensions of a poet. New York, NY:

         Fordham University Press.

Book with two authors
 (Werther & Davis, 1993, p. 123)

Werther, W. B., Jr. & Davis, K. (1993). Human resources and personnel

         management (4th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

Book with three to five authors
First in-text citation (Edginton, Hudson, & Lankford, 2001, p. 45); subsequent citations (Edington et al., 2001, p. 45)

Edginton, C. R., Hudson, S. D., & Lankford, S. V. (2001). Managing recreation,

         parks, and leisure services: An introduction. Champaign, IL: Sagamore.

Multiple books, same author
(Brophy, 1973, p. 45) (Brophy, 1995, p. 56)

Brophy, R. J. (1973). Robinson Jeffers: Myth, ritual, and symbol in his narrative

         poems. Cleveland, OH: Case Western Reserve University Press.

Brophy, R. J. (1995). Robinson Jeffers: Dimensions of a poet. New York, NY:

         Fordham University Press.

Edited book
(Nuwer, 2004, p. 23)

Nuwer, H. (Ed.). (2004). The hazing reader. Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Chapter in an edited book
(Arnold, 2004, pp. 60-85)

Arnold, J. C. (2004). Hazing and alcohol in a college fraternity. In H. Nuwer (Ed.), The

         hazing reader (pp. 51-105). Bloomington: Indiana University Press.

Book with a corporate author
First in-text citation (World Tourism Organization [WTO], 2003, p. 34); subsequent citations (WTO, 2003, p. 34)

World Tourism Organization. (2003). MICE outbound tourism 2000. Madrid,

         Spain: Author.

References - Other

Company Profile (Business and Company Resource Center, 2010)

Business and Company Resource Center. (2010, May 14) Darden restaurants.

         [Company profile]. Retrieved from Business and Company Resource

         Center Database:

Film or Video Recording (Schofield, 2001)

Schofield, J. D. (Producer), & Annuad, J. J. (Director). (2001). Enemy at the Gates

         [Motion picture]. United States: Paramount Pictures.

Personal Interview format: (E. Robbins, personal communication, January 4, 2014)

Personal interviews or communications (emails, etc) are not included in your reference list but an in-text citation should be included in the manuscript.

Class Handout Quoting Another Source (Aldiss, 2006)

Aldiss, B. (2006) Icarus Poems: A Selective Arachniography [Handout]. English

         Composition: English A100, Orange Coast College. Costa Mesa, California.

Professor's Video Lecture posted in Canvas (Smith, 2013)

Smith, J. (2013). Foodservice management: An introduction [Video]. Retrieved


References - Electronic Resources

For all electronic articles, include the DOI (digital object identifier) in the reference if one is assigned. The DOI is typically listed on the first page of the article or in the detailed record of the citation.

Journal article, one author, full-text online database, with DOI (Perry, 1973, p.276)

Perry, A. (1973). The effect of heredity on attitudes toward alcohol, cigarettes, and

         coffee. Journal of Applied Psychology, 58(2), 275-277. doi: 10.1037/h0035527

Journal article, two authors, full-text online database, without a DOI (Baily & Sage, 1988, p.128)

Bailey, C. I., & Sage, G. H. (1988). Values communicated by a sports event: the case

         of the Super Bowl. / Valeurs transmises par un evenement sportif: le cas du

         "super-bowl". Journal Of Sport Behavior, 11(3), 126-143. Retrieved from

Magazine article, full-text online database (“Call of the East”, 2005)
Note: only use article title if an author cannot be found

“Call of the East”. (2005, Feb 19). The Economist. Retrieved from

Magazine article, web (Gleadle, 2002)

Gleadle, F. (2002). Playing with food. Wine International, 3(12). Retrieved


Newspaper article, full-text online database (Hudson, 2004)

Hudson, K. (2004, Dec 6). Center’s lessons added up. Denver Post.

         Retrieved from 

Newspaper article, newspaper web site (Franklin, 2007)

Franklin, D.T. (2007, Nov 20). The scientists speak. New York Times.

         Retrieved from http://www.thenewyorktimes/articles/78241

Company Web site (Youth, 2010); ("How to cut a cake", 2010); (Youth, n.d.)

Youth, J. (2010, May 5). How to cut a cake the right way. Retrieved from

OR (if no author)

"How to cut a cake". (2010, May 5). How to cut a cake the right way. Retrieved


OR (if no date)

Youth, J. (n.d.). How to cut a cake the right way. Retrieved from

References - Articles

Journal article (Kozak, 2004, p. 290)

Kozak, M. (2004). Introducing destination benchmarking: A conceptual approach.

         Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, 28(2), 281-97.

Chart, Journal Article

This citation should directly follow the chart/table:

Note. Verb Tenses. Reprinted from "Verb Tenses and their uses" by J. H. Horton and T. U. Verlander, 2001, The OWL at Purdue Journal, 34, p. 36. Copyright 2001 by the Educational Publishing Foundation.

This citation should be included in your references:

Horton, J. H. & Verlander, T. U. (2001). Verb tenses and their uses. The OWL at

         Purdue Journal, 34.

Magazine article, monthly (Foster & Bradach, 2005, p. 98)

Foster, W., & Bradach, J. (2005, May 4). Should nonprofits seek profits? Harvard

         Business Review, 7(12), 92-100.

Magazine article, weekly (Lipper & Hirsh, 2003, p. 28)

Lipper, T., & Hirsh, M. (2003, June 4). Stepping into the fray. Newsweek, 16, 26-29.

Newspaper editorial, print, with no author (“Federal Deficit”, 2005, p. A1)

Federal deficit still looms large. [Editorial]. (2006, October 12). Denver Post,

         pp. A1, A9.