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Searching OCC Discovery: What is
OCC Discovery?

Get started using OCC Library's new library search tool

What is OCC Discovery?

The OCC Library has implemented a new library catalog and search tool, allowing you to search print and e-books, films and documentaries, articles, and electronic resources in one place.

Image of the OCC Discovery home page and search bar

What am I Searching?

Venn diagram describing what is searchable in OCC Discovery.  All physical items in the library and many of the database and electronic resources, but not all, are searchable in OCC Discovery

What am I Searching? 

OCC Discovery gives you the option to search Everything, Articles, Textbooks, or the Library Catalog when you search.


  • Everything: This is the broadest search.  Find books, e-books, DVDs, and many of the online resources available through the OCC Library.
  • Articles: Find online articles that are available through the OCC Library.  Note: This does not include all of the online articles available through the databases in which the library subscribes. To search in a specific database, look at our A-Z Database List.
  • Textbooks: Search for textbooks and course reserves for your OCC classes.  These are available for 2-hour check out within the library. 
  • Library Catalog: Search for books, DVDs, and other items physically available in the library. 

When searching in OCC Discovery you are searching:

  • Books, DVDs, and other physical items found in the Library
  • Some of the library's online journal, magazines, and newspaper content
  • Streaming films and documentaries

Other features of OCC Discovery include:

  • Set up your own account with My Account.
  • Save items to your Favorites list.