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Searching OCC Discovery: Getting Started

Get started using OCC Library's new library search tool

How do I start searching?

Choose Your Search Option

Choose what you want to search in OCC Discovery by using the dropdown menu next to the search box.  Then, type in your keywords or search terms and press Enter to search. 

Click through the remaining images to learn about your search options. 


Search millions* of our resources, including print books, e-books, articles, media, and more. 

*Millions, yes, but you won't find everything.  To find additional resources, or more focused searching, use our specialized databases.

Articles and more

Search articles and newspapers in selected databases indexed by OCC Discovery.  You will search more databases at once, but not all of the databases to which OCC Library provides access. 

Library Catalog

Search our physical (on-site) books and video collections. 


Search by course name to find physical/print textbooks and course materials placed on reserve. 

I started my search.  Now what? 

Searching will bring you to the results page of OCC Discovery.  From this page, you have the option to sign in to your library account, narrow your search in multiple ways, click on titles to see full details, pin items to your Favorites, and more.  


From the search screen you can: narrow your search results by using filters, click on a title for full details of an item, click on available to go to the item, and cite, email, or save item.

Tips & Tricks of Searching

  • Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) must be typed in uppercase letters.  
  • OCC Discovery searches for all the words you type unless OR or NOT are specified between the words and phrases.
  • Searches with multiple Boolean operators are processed in this order: 
    • enclosed within parentheses ( )  
    • AND, left to right
    • NOT, left to right
    • OR, left to right
  • Wildcard characters are ? for a single character and * for unlimited characters

Why Should I Sign In?

Signing into your account will allow you to: 

  • Create favorites lists
  • Export citations to citation management tools, like Endnote or RefWorks