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Business Market Research: Key Resources

A guide to market research at OCC

To perform market research, you will need to find information in key areas, such as analyzing your customers, researching your competitors, and looking at the health of the industry as a whole. Use the resources below to help you get started. Before you do any research, look up the NAICS code of your chosen industry.

Demographic Information

Customer Base

Target Markets



When searching for company information, make sure that you are using the name of the highest level of the company. For example, information about Google is under Alphabet, since they are the parent company. 

Sample Article Searches

When searching the library databases, it's best to follow some basic rules. Make sure that your search is very specific and that you separate your keywords with the word "and". Try different keywords to get different results. The more words you have in your search, the fewer results that you will get.

Here are some sample searches:

fast food and California and marketing

alcohol and Millennials and consumption

food trucks and Los Angeles

If you need help narrowing your search, contact your friendly librarian for assistance!