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Library Services for Faculty: Online Library Resources

This page will give you information the OCC Library's services for faculty

Online Library Resources

The OCC library offers faculty access to a multitude of online materials, such as newspapers, journals, magazines, online streaming video, and more.

Login for Online Library Resources

The login for all online library resources is the same login you use for your email and Canvas. If you have any issues with your login, please contact Ward Smith.

**NOTE: Kanopy requires you to create a new login, unique to Kanopy. Your OCC login will not work there and is not connected to Kanopy.

Online Resources

How to Access

There are multiple ways to access the library's online resources:

  • Databases A-Z: This is a listing of all of OCC's online databases. This is the most reliable way to access our resources, but it does require that you know which database to search. The librarians can help you with this.
  • OCC Discovery: This is OCC's search tool that will search our physical and online collections. However, it does not search all of the library's materials, so if you can't find something there, it doesn't mean OCC does not have it. 
  • Google Scholar: OCC's online resources are now linked to Google Scholar. If you are on campus, it will automatically place links labeled ReadIt@OCCLibrary next to many articles that OCC has access to. Just like with OCC Discovery, Scholar does not have all of our material, so articles may be missing. You can also add OCC in the library search to your Google Scholar settings.
  • Browzine: This site will let you browse OCC's journal collection by subject. A great way to discover journals in your discipline! 
  • DOI Search: This site will let you search for articles in our library by DOI.
  • LibKey Nomad: This browser extension will automatically put access links to articles that you encounter on the open web. When it's active on a page, you'll see a button on the bottom that says "Provided by Orange Coast College."

If you want to know if OCC has a specific periodical or journal available online, you can go to OCC Discovery and click on Periodical Titles where you can look this information up. It will tell you if we have it and what database it's in, as well as provide a link directly to the periodical.

Our search tools do not always reflect all of our resources, so it's best to double check with the librarian.

Using Online Materials in Your Class

You may use all online materials from OCC's library in your class, under the following guidelines:

  • You must post any library content for your class behind a password. Posting in Canvas is absolutely fine, but you may not post it on an open website that does not require a login. This includes faculty websites.
  • Best practice is to link directly to the materials instead of downloading them and then re-uploading them into Canvas. This is for accessibility/ADA and copyright reasons.
  • You can embed videos from any OCC library source directly into Canvas. 
  • Our streaming videos are licensed for classroom use, so you may show them freely. They are typically close-captioned. If you find a video without captions in our online collection, please let Ward Smith know so the video can be captioned.
  • If you need assistance finding or using materials, please let us know.