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Library Services for Faculty: Streaming Videos

This page will give you information the OCC Library's services for faculty

Login for Online Library Resources

The login for all online library resources is the same login you use for your email and Canvas. If you have any issues with your login, please contact Ward Smith.

**NOTE: Kanopy requires you to create a new login, unique to Kanopy. Your OCC login will not work there and is not connected to Kanopy.

Films on Demand Quiz Feature

Films on Demand allows instructors to embed quiz questions directly into films hosted on their platform. This can be a great way to do formative assessment with your students! Review the directions and contact Lori Cassidy if you have any questions.

Using Streaming Film and Video at OCC

The OCC Library offers several options for instructors to access streaming film in their classroom. Film databases are located on the Databases A-Z page.

  • Films on Demand: Educational, archival and classic films
  • Kanopy: Documentaries and independent/classic films
  • Swank: Hollywood films not available through Kanopy or Films on Demand
  • Feature Films for Education: This site is from the publishers of Films on Demand and contains a selection of Hollywood films. We are testing it for a year (2022) and will determine whether to keep it based on use.

These platforms all have the ability to embed or link to the films in Canvas. 

  • Films on Demand has an LTI in Canvas. Films can be inserted in a similar way to how you would insert a picture. Click the plug icon in the toolbar, then See All, then choose Films on Demand from the list.
  • Kanopy requires you to copy the embed code from the film's page. Please note that due to our licensing arrangement, Kanopy requires everyone to create a login that is unique to Kanopy. This means that embedded films may end up requiring the student to login to Kanopy separately.
  • Swank films can be embedded with embed code from the film's page.
  • All platforms have shareable links that can also be used in Canvas.

Nearly all films are close-captioned. If you find a film that is not, please contact Lori Cassidy to get the film captioned.

All of our films are licensed to be shown in the classroom and viewed by current OCC students privately. If you are looking for a film for an event or club, please consult the Permitted Uses guide or contact Lori Cassidy before using the film.

Request Streaming Film for your Class

The library is accepting requests to license streaming films on an annual or permanent basis. Requests will be filled based on funding and availability. Many films are not available for us to license in an online format, but we will do our best to locate your film.

Make Your Request

Perpetual Access

The library has begun purchasing licenses for perpetual access on the Kanopy and Films on Demand platforms. These films are a permanent part of the library collection, so you can feel safe to use them in your class for years to come. Typically, we focus on high-use films or films that are getting pulled from the current offerings, but we will consider other films as well. You can fill out the "Make Your Request" form above to request these. Not all films are available with a perpetual license. We tend to buy these in batches with last minute funds, so it's best to get your request in the queue.

Discontinued Films

Periodically, Kanopy and Films on Demand lose the licenses to specific films. This is typically done twice a year, in January and June. Typically, we receive notification of discontinued titles. Unfortunately, we don't have a way to determine which faculty member has assigned a particular film, so we have limited options for notifying faculty of impending changes. Best practice is to check your films at the beginning of each semester to make sure that they are available. You can also contact Lori Cassidy and provide a list of films that you will be using in the upcoming semester(s). If we know the films you are using, we can notify you if the film is discontinued or if a perpetual license is available.