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Open Educational Resources (OER): A Guide for Faculty: Professional Development and Funding Opportunities

This guide will provide information about OER and how you can use them in your courses.

New grant opportunities are available now! Please contact Melissa Broox if you are interested in making your class Zero Textbook Cost.

Library Ebooks

The OCC Library now has a program where we can buy an ebook version of your textbook (if available) and give students access for free. Unfortunately, we are very restricted in what we can buy – most Pearson/Cengage/etc. titles will not be eligible. However, many books that are assigned to classes that are not traditional format textbooks can be bought! For a full list of what we currently have, visit our free textbook list for OCC: If you would like your textbook to be checked for eligibility, email Lori Cassidy at This program is generously funded by the Friends of the Library.

OER Adoption Online Course

OERI Opportunities

The OERI is currently seeking faculty to serve in a variety of roles. This application process will create a pool of faculty from which we will select reviewers for newly developed resources, so we have a true need for a faculty from a broad array of disciplines - including those who may or may not have experience with OER.

OERI is seeking new and additional Discipline Leads for the current term, as well as leads for the openly-licensed tools, My Open Math and H5PAccess the application and additional information about the Discipline Lead role. Also, we will soon need reviewers for our RFP 3 projects so please consider serving in this important role.

If you previously submitted an application, we have your information, and you will be considered for any available roles in which you indicated an interest. If you are uncertain as to what roles you indicated in your application, you may either resubmit the application or submit a letter describing your interests and qualifications to the ASCCC OERI.

Both the ASCCC OERI Application and the ASCCC Faculty Application for Statewide Service need to be completed. We accept applications on an on-going basis, but encourage those who are interested to submit as soon as possible to ensure consideration.

ASCCC OER Webinars

The state-wide academic senate is hosting weekly webinars on OER for various disciplines. All webinars will be recorded and posted on the ASCCC website


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