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Nutrition and Food Science Research: Evaluating Websites


Image of a window which reads #becurious. Text reads evaluate sources.

Every source you select to use in your research and writing should be evaluated - especially websites. There are a variety of methods for evaluating websites.  One of those is the CRAAP method.  Watch the following video to learn the questions to ask to help you decide whether the website you have selected is best for your work.  Keep in mind while this is targeted for websites it is also very handy for any other source (books, articles) you are thinking about using. 

evaluating websites

image is a blue circle with number 1Watch the video and learn about the CRAAP method of evaluation.

image is a blue circle with a number 2Let's review the 5 areas of the CRAAP method! 

The image lists the 5 areas of the CRAAP Method: Currency or timeliness, Relevance or does it fit your needs?, Authority or Who wrote the information, Accuracy or is the information reliable and correct, and Purpose. or the reason the information exists.

Now let's explore the purpose behind why we cite